Where do you know in Benin

Benin Ouidah2

Gate of no return Ouidah

Benin SE village

Lake Ahieme


Lake Ahieme


Sacred Forest Ouidah


Playing music

Benin is such a nice and quiet country but unknown in the world. It has good places to have holidays and enjoy life. The culture in Benin is real richest and the base of African culture. Benin is like the central of West Africa and many people from like to stay there. Grand Popo, Possotome, Ouidah, PortoNovo, Calavi, Abomey, Lokossa, Save,Savalou Parakou Natitingou, Malanville… are some cities in Benin. You can also enjoy it if you try the village life, very pathetic,attractive with friendly people.

Hidden ‘underground houses’ Abomey
web-Village 197
Togo Voodoo

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