Cotonou, important city in Benin


Liberty statue

Porto Novo is the capital of Benin but Cotonou has most of the embassies, industry, airport and the big harbour. The city stretches along the sea and Lake Nokoué.

Container Ships_MG_3255

Cotonou is an important harbour in West-Africa

Hindu Temple_MG_3253-1

Hindu Temple in Cotonou


Mosque in center of Cotonou

Lake Nokoué Cotonou_MG_5543

Fisherman on the river

Notre Dame de Miséricorde-1

Cathedral Notre Dame de Miséricorde

Lake Nokoué Cotonou_MG_5550

Fishermen at Lac NokouéAssemblage of Kouas-011

Assemblage of Benin’s artist Dominique Kouas

Conference center-010

Conference Center
Place d'Etoile Rouge-304

Place d’Etoile Rouge

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Photos by: Cora Unk Photo


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