Kalalè one of Benin’s villages

Kalalè a commune in the north east of Benin

Cora Unk Photo

Kalale Benin Kalale Benin, village life, a child playing with a calebas toy 

Cooking breakfast for sales_MG_0271 Cora Unk

Woman is prepairing breakfast for selling

Harvested yam_MG_0701 Cora Unk

Harvested yam

Portrait woman_MG_0208 Cora Unk

Old woman with grandchild on her back

prepairing Beurre du Carité_MG_0692 Cora Unk

Prepairing Shea butter

Take water from the river_MG_0333 Cora Unk

Take water from the river

Kalalè is a village in the north east of Benin. At the moment a water well is being installed with the collected money of Friends & Bikers for Africa

Now we are crowdfunding money for the next water well you can donate at: Waterchallenge

Photo made by: Cora Unk Photo

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