Arts in Benin, Kouas’s exhibition

Benin KOUAS arts2Benin KOUAS arts8Benin KOUAS arts18Benin KOUAS arts7

Know as Dominique Gnonnou and called KOUAS as artist name, Kouas is one of the best and old artist of Benin. He is working like artist since 50 years. He had exhibition in many countries in the world like USA, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Swiss…. and many other country. Since about 12 years he stopped doing exhibition but from this day he want to tell people why he stopped and show some innovations. Kouas based his work on African culture start. He has a lot of knowledge in African culture, tradition and History. His inspiration is from primitive arts. Kouas is not only Artist he is also Arts Collector you can see so many Antiquity arts with him from All African community. His collection is unbelievable

His exhibition will start 4th of October and stand three months. The term of this exhibition is rapprochement of people. It is an event you can not miss.


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