The Sacred Forest of Ouidah

Doors of the sacred house

Iroko Tree and Panthers

The Sacred Forest of Ouidah is a high spiritual place. It was the rest place of the King of Kpasse, the First King of Ouidah who was living in Savi.

When he felt that he is going to die, he told his children that he didn’t want people to see his body. One day he disappeared and by many signs from a peacock and panther, they discover that the King turned into a small Iroko tree growing in the grass.

Entrance in the Sacred Forest of King Kpasse


Entrance of the Sacred Forest

By his recommendation before he died, each year a spiritual ceremony is held in the forest in his memory till today.

In this forest called Kpassezounmin you can see many Voodoo Symbols which explain the different divinities.

The Sacred Tree Ouidah

The Sacred Tree,

you can make a wish

here which will come true


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